The PYGAMD project welcomes your expertise and enthusiasm! Your choices aren’t limited to programming – in addition to

✡ Writing code

You can

✡ Develop tutorials, presentations, and other educational material

✡  Work on our website

✡ Contribute graphic design

✡ Serve as a community coordinator

✡ Write grant proposals and help with other fundraising

If you’re unsure where to start or how your skills fit in, reach out! You can ask on the mailing list or GitHub (open an issue or comment on a relevant issue).
Those are our preferred channels (open source is open by nature), but if you prefer to talk privately, contact our community coordinators at


Programmers, this guide explains how to contribute to the codebase.


We’ve just revamped our website, but we’re far from done. If you love web development, these issues list some of our unmet needs – and feel free to share your own ideas.


To ensure stability and growth we’d need financial support. Like all the nonprofit world, we’re constantly searching for grants, sponsorships, and other kinds of support. We have a number of ideas and of course we welcome more.